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Disadur dari Puisi Ahmad Bakrie..

it shall brave the wind
to reach your distant door
it shall knock my dear one and whisper a soft hello Be not alarmed
it’s but a mental me
Me, who since in firm could not reach your
closing embrace,
has journeyed tonight
on borrowed wings
through misty air
to steal a kiss from your moistened lips

Freedom makes opportunities,
Opportunities makes hope,
Hope makes life and future
Science is knowledge. Knowledge cannot be unlearned. Learning is not only from schools,

though better but by learning any time.

When evening shadows gather night and twinkling stars light up the sky I hear my master say to me
I made it all for you to see

My heart grows warm with faith and pride To know that He is by my side

There is a memory in my heart today That passing years cannot take away An empty space no one can fill
I love you still and always will

the tears in my eyes, I can wipe away, but the ache in my heart still always stay. 


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