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What my life looklike in two years later (2017)

I posted here with the goal that someday, two years later, I will look this post again and become amazed that how grateful my life was. So I start this experiment today than I will tell you the result for the next two years..

In 2017,

I am driving my Alphard with my beautiful wife.. I am already have SE, MH, MBA and MM title and pursuing my bachelor of law degree.. My business already expand wildly with 80 offices and $10.000.000 in asset.. I have a harmonized little family.

I am already come to Japan, Korea, Europe, Komodo Island. I look my iPhone 6 Plus Gold photo gallery and come to conclusion that I have a grateful life..

My wife call my Blackberry Porsche Design and asked if I come to my Citraland home early she will cook the delicious meal for me.

I am a religius man with Christian faith. I am already finishing The Alquran, Bible, Bahatva Githa..

I am a successful businessman with personal networth exceed $2,000,000.-, i am already be a priority customer in BCA, Mandiri, UOB, BRI, Permata, Danamon, Citigold, and etc..

I have many supportive friends, I blessed with my life..

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